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Change in series Universal Lloyds Transformers

Effective immediately Wesemann has changed its series of Universal Lloyd's Transformers. These transformers are now suitable for an ambient temperature of 55°C. The old series, with an ambient temperature of 45°C is discontinued, also effective immediately.

The Universal  single phase Lloyd's transformers from Wesemann are ideally suited as control transformer on board of ships. The transformers are produced according to Lloyd's requirements
and now suitable for an ambient temperature of 55°C. This makes the transformers suitable for use in almost any machine room. The transformers are vacuum impregnated and thus also tropics-resistant. The transformers vary in a range of 30VA up to and including 4kVA.

If you have any questions and/or remarks about the above, our sales team will be happy to be of assistance.


PRESS RELEASE: Universal Lloyds (EN)

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