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Wesemann joins 9th International LEM distributors convention

From April 16th until 19th Wesemann Projects joined the 9th international LEM distributors convention in Switzerland.

The highlights of this once in two years event is the joined convention of all LEM distributors worldwide for product development updates, market information and discussion about the position of LEM, its products and the distributors in the market. The main goal is looking for ways of improvement on all targeted issues.

All different product families are extensively discussed during workshops and sessions. Also the new to be expected products are presented in order to investigate the best ways of positioning in the market as well as having an insight view in the applied technologies.

The social events during these couple of days enable the distributors to have a discussion amongst each other to exchange local acquired experiences and improve the communication and exchange of information between them.
The last day of the convention is traditionally the time for the distributors to present some insight in running projects, opportunities and having a discussion with all attendants.

Once again this convention was a great success for which the Wesemann team looks back on very positively.

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