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A choke is designed as a coil with copper or aluminium windings, normally around a magnetizable iron core. By design this coil is self inductive which means that every change in current will be more or less compensated by its inducted electrical voltage.


Technical description

Uind represents the accumulated electrical voltage.
I represents the electrical current in Ampère
L represents the self induction of the coil in Henry

The minus symbol represents the compensation (induction) of the coil.
Lenz' law as above indicated acts as an extension on the law of Faraday. The first character L of his name is commonly used as the symbol for (self)induction.

The choke is mostly used as inductive element for realizing a damping or peak voltage effect in a voltage line.


Wesemann supplies different makes of chokes. Most common are:

Make: Wesemann Transformatoren
- customized solutions
- industry, ships, traction, offshore


Make: Wesemann / Euroelettro Hammond
- customized solutions
- industry, ships, traction, offshore
- air chokes / reactors


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