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Power transformer

Power transformers are specifically designed for transforming the voltages of the high voltage grid in substations
to lower voltages with an average power larger than 10MVA. The operation of a distribution transformer is mostly
similar to low voltage transformers (normally three phase) but the standards related to isolation and air creepage
distances are very specific. The applicable standard is IEC60076-1.

Hyosung corporation
Hyosung is one of the global manufacturers for custom made power transformers with its factories and production
sites in south east Asia. Taking over the position as market leader in India and South Korea and with a second
place in the United States Wesemann acquired a strong partner for this type of product. The power transformers
as well as the GIS gear are highly qualified and comply with the international requirements. Hyosung is an
ISO9001:2008 certified corporation.

Wesemann Spanish partner Imefy is in Europe one of the industry leaders for power transformers. Well experienced
system engineers design in its well equipped factory and testing facility high quality oil immersed power transformers
up to 100MVA. A fair price for a good product makes this supplier a powerful partner for Wesemann. Imefy has a long
list of references which proves its profesionnality and competence. Imefy engineers are very well qualified to install
and commision the transformers also on your site.

Wesemann has two partners for power transformers:

Make Hyosung (South Korea)
- Voltage range from 154kV up to 765kV and a maximum power of 2000MVA
- Gas isolated switch gear for substation application
- customized design possible

Imefy (Spain)
- Maximum power up to 100MVA
- Extensive customized design
- Experienced as European supplier

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