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Mobile power source

Whenever you need a real mobile power source with a maximum output current of 125Amps Wesemann can offer you the right solution. The mobile power source cabinets are available in 230VAC and 400VAC 50Hz as well as 110VAC and 440VAC 60Hz.


These standard cabinets can be equipped with a selectable amount of secondary CEE-form output connectors which are independently protected with breakers. These cabinets can be connected to the mains with a 50m cable and CEE-form connector. The output load is at a minimum 16A per socket but can be expanded for the medium power user of 32A or high end industrial user of 63A. For the extreme heavy users a 125A outlet socket is also available.


The mobile power sources are mounted in a stainless steel cabinet and easy to move with a crane or lift truck. Mainly because of
the heavy weights it is easier to transport these cabinets like this. Smaller cabinets which can be carried by hand are also
available at Wesemann.


Please contact our specialists for construction and marine technology regarding this product or for a customized offer.

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