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Energy consumption

With soaring energy prices, reducing energy costs has become one of the top priorities for many companies. There is a strong need to monitor energy consumption rather than just accept it as a fixed cost.


Efficient tools allow to measure and monitor electricity consumption and, for example, explain a rise or a fall in the consumption, evaluate consumption trends (weekly, seasonal, operational…) and identify areas of energy wasting.

Wi-LEM is an innovative solution that allows electricity consumption to be monitored and thus enables financial savings. It is used today in various segments such as:


•  Industry: monitoring of the various production machines and allocation of the costs amongst the product lines
•  Large supermarkets chains: monitoring and reduction of the energy consumption for each store
•  Data centers
•  Secondary schools: used to conduct experiments and develop new innovative ideas on energy efficiency management
• TV studios: for cost allocation

On this page you can find a link to the product selection guide for Wi-LEM solutions. Of course you can also contact one of our sales engineers for more information.

WI-LEM Selection Guide


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