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Hybrid UPS

With the latest developments in emergency power systems we have seen a new question for so-called “hybrid UPS systems”.

These no-break systems allow the user to connect a solar panel string directly to the UPS combined with a battery cabinet. This configuration allows the system to store the assimilated energy in the connected battery packs instead of feeding it back to the grid. The stored energy can be used at a later time when the solar panels do not produce enough energy as needed. In schematics this would look like:

Should the stored energy not be sufficient then the system acquires its power directly from the connected grid and feeds the users. This solution guarantees all connected equipment an uninterrupted power supply, optimizes your connected solar panels and allows to store the surplus of energy and use it later on. This type of hybrid UPS system is available for domestic use (230V single phase) and 3 phase 400V networks.

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